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Thursday, April 18, 2013

A sample of some country samplers!!!

These are available for mother's day, anniversary or weddings and can be made in any sayings you desire.

Children/family are $5.00 per person with name underneath. For girls pick hair color and style (short, long, curly, straight). For boys decide on a ballcap or not and hair color. Pick an eye color for each person and for girls pick a skirt color.
If you want a name heading such as: 'Our Family' or 'Our Grandchildren' or 'The Rhodes' it's an additional $5.00. These come framed with a piece of country fabric backing (like pictured)

For the wedding/anniversary "sitting in a tree" they are $18.00

All samplers come framed and hand crafted by me, so they vary a little.

If you desire, any sayings can be made. Contact me for details and pricing.

Questions: email me at
Or call 724-989-0689


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