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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I used to be......

I used to be...... 

I used to be a blogger. I liked blogging. It was my thoughts and feelings. 

I used to be a kick ass mom. Now I'm just a mom getting by with kick ass kids that sometimes parent themselves. 

I used to be a chicken those chickens just are there and are slacking in egg productivity. I used to spend hours with them and stress over egg production. 

I used to be a wife. I think I was a good wife. I did my best even on bad days. 

I used to be a social worker. I think I was good at social working, now I just need my own therapist. 

I used to be a daughter in law and sister in law. That ended too unfortunately. 

I used to be a school volunteer. Now all those kiddos get on my nerves. 

I used to be a painter. Now my bathroom has needed to be finished painting and furniture has long been destroyed. 

I used to be a runner. Now I can't usually find two tennis shoes to match. 

I used to be a Girl Scout leader. Now I can't even remember the days Girl Scouts is. 

I used to be.....  

I used to be......

While many, many things have changed in my life, I continue to be me. I have feelings and emotions, even as much as I try to deny them. 

I don't think I can get back to who I was ever, but I'll evolve and change. I will not quit. I will change and be better than ever. I'm letting who I was go.....I'm me and I won't stress over the 'who I used to be'. I will just restart with 'I am'. 

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