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Friday, August 23, 2013

Summers ending.

Today's the last day of summer for the kids. Monday school starts. It's been a nice summer. My kiddos have spent most of the summer with their cousins, Seth and Caroline. We've done the ol' switch and share for childcare this summer and its worked out well. It's caused them to be much closer-almost like all brothers and sisters--- so I'll take the good with the bad! 

Electronics have kept my sanity when there's down time. 

Girls laying out! (Mikayla, Caroline, and Amelia) 

Lots of dress up days! Make-overs!!! My nails have been painted more this summer than when I was in high school! 


Play doh!

Picnics and family times! 

Kennywood -twice!!
Thanks carpenters and BEA picnic! 

Visiting Aunt Sal. She's a real crack up! 

Sleep overs and birthdays!

Family time at Rhodes' (you guys might be getting too old for these!) 
Hockey!! Even in summer! 
Road trips 
Prequel Isle, Erie, PA 

Swimming!! New pool and various spots! 

Rain!!! And a river/lake in our yard!! 
Breakfast and lunches outside!! 
Boy Scout camp for Aiden (no pics sorry!! I was an emotional wreck!) 

Pioneer park camping too! 

It's been a great summer. Now onto Fall! Camp fires and football and SCHOOL!!!! 

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