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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

D T product review

Claudia Stevens conditioning/ plumping balm  

First, I had to dig out the dang box to see whole name because no where on actual product does it say Claudia Stevens. 
Anyway, the box was big, the tube was small...0.3 Fl oz.  It's a pet-peeve of mine when package is overly large. Waste of space and too much garbage. 

I have saw several people haul this product but never had the opportunity to purchase it until 2 days ago. I've used it 2 days thinking if it worked I'd see results, not that my lips are small. I'm averagely lipped. I wasn't expecting to go all African American lips. No disrespect, your lips are gorgeous, but if on me I'd look all silicone enhanced. You know the look....think some famous white girl, huge tit-tays and hot dog lips. 
So anyway, I digressed two days of lip plumper....nothing. Nothing. At. All. 
Provides a tiny hint of pinkish color and some glossiness. Other that that nothing. 
So finally I thought well I'll give it to my 9 yr old girl child (but on earth do women do if they don't have a daughter?!) 
But before I hand it over I did a little product research. 
First ingredient is hydrogenated polyisobutene. A little google search and yahoo answered!! (See that 2 big name drop... Hint: Hello I need paid to do this crap!!) 

- Colorless, odorless, tasteless 
- Emollient, moisturizer, restore skin suppleness 
- Prevents Insensible Water Loss (IWL) 
- MC 300 is an effective waterproofing agent 
- Easily emulsifiable 
- Pigment dispersing agent for decorative cosmetics 
- Enhances SPF retention after water exposure 
- Soluble in main sunscreen filters 
- MC 30 has excellent spreadability and fast penetration into the skin  
- Miscible with lipophilic substances 
- Totally stable versus oxidation 
- Stable across the pH range 
- Non comedogenic 
- Non irritant, non toxic, full inocuity 
- Soft feel, non greasy

There's a big list of other stuff but nothing super bad.  It's definitely not natural or organic in matter. But peeps it was at the Dollar Tree. 
So final analysis...if looking for plumper, it doesn't. Lip conditioning-- maybe. I tend to think anything 'conditions'. So if looking for some sheen and little gloss here's your stuff. And it's a Dolla!!! Unfortunately, this was purchased at Outer Banks, N. C. So if my 'Dale friends are dying to try this stuff text me or message me and I'll pick it up for you or do what I do....use it as an excuse to go searching in the tri-county area for it (sorry {not sorry} to hubs if you are reading this!) 

And really I want to get paid to do this because look at my work environment. 
Someone make this happen! Later peeps....

~Mommy in the 'Dale 

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