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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Picture pages, picture pages, now it's time for picture pages

.......................Time to grab your CRAYONand your pencils! (Bill Crosby--holla!!)
So, I am a waste-not kind of gal, I'm sure by now you know that.  I prefer "Waste-not" over hoarder, so A &E step back!
Anyway, when I paint with chalk paint, which is priced like liquid gold, I am not eager to simply wash the excess paint on my brush down the el'sinko, so......I use the excess to dry brush frames that I have or buy mucho cheapo and upcycle pictures!
Perfect solution. So I give you the art show of September 2012, priced at "starving artist' prices-minus the cheesy "Starving artist" tv commercial.
vintage picture boy/girl

picture with pussy willows


14 x 12
shed with flowers

vintage picture
7x 10


and a wreath made from vintage music sheets

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