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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekly Reflections. 9/16/12


1. That Scottdale parking meter man is all ninja like. I think he's training to be a sniper or something. Park and then bam... There he is! Geez, give me a minute to pull out my stinkin quarter.
2. When I have a cold, I swear boogers invade my brain and cause misfiring to occur.
3. Man, that Junie B. Jones kid gets annoying.
4. When you sit down to turn in your reports they are no where to be found on your computer. Fast forward a week and several hours at Barnes & Noble just killing time on your computer and bam, there they are!
5. A night without our kiddos we decided to do dinner and a movie. However instead of going out it was staying in with chicken sandwiches from McDonalds and I couldn't have been happier!

That's all this week--I told you I have a booger brain! Enjoy your week and share some things you've learned.

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