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Sunday, July 27, 2014

7/26/14. What I learned...


1. This week on Jimmy Kimmel Snoop Dogg admitted to smoking marijuana in a White House bathroom. In other news, where hasn't Snoop Dogg smoked weed at. 
2. The girl child's ambition is to go to college in………Ohio. I told her to keep dreaming big 

3. Never take two kids to a huge flea market. I contemplated renting a scooter for boy child and a stroller for girl child. 
And where's the monkeys for sale at??! See more on my love of monkeys on my other blog about Roger's!🙉

4. In other words, when's school back in? 
5. Random thoughts of panic that I forgot something or to be somewhere strike me at the strangest times. 

6. 8 loads of clothes to sort, fold, and put away it a lot of clothes. 
7. Why must the cat climb on my head at night and bite my fingers to pet her. She's plotting my death, no doubt. 

(Plotting my demise) 

8. And why doesn't said cat (Emily) just let my children pet her. She's really missing out of their pets. They are much better than me. 
9. I have a new obsession with lipstick. This is huge for a Chapstick girl. 
10. When you fall asleep with the tv and your glasses on and wake up with one lens popped out you immediately think you've been blinded (or perhaps the cat clawed your eye out).  Weird 
11. I really wish my bedroom was more spa like, serenity-like instead of a dumping grounds for everyone's crap. 

That's it this week...what have you learned? 

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