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Sunday, July 6, 2014

7/6/14 What I learned.


1. How many times in one day can I tell my kids to 'get the hell away from each other'?! 
2. Camping is better with copious amounts of beer. The key is to remain intoxicated most of the weekend and it is good. 

3. I'm never sure how we fit so much crap in my swagger wagon. 
4. The said swagger took $8.00 in quarters this week to vacuum out because I can't find our shop vac. 
5. Sleeping on an air mattress does nothing for my back. And don't drink and take a muscle relaxer. It's like I turn to mush. 
6. Electric surges suck. Dealing with no fridge sucks even more. Stupid electric company. 
7. I'm a total sucker for any tabloid with Kate plus 8 drama. 
8. I'm sick of road construction/water fixes, general chaos on streets in the 'Dale. And potholes. I'm sending the bill for my new shocks and struts to the township. 
9. Ball caps are my new wardrobe accessory. I love them. 

That's all for the week. My goal for this week is to paint, paint, paint. I need to get my booth restocked. And suntan...I'm thinking fat looks better tanned and my reunions coming up!! Have a good one 

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