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Sunday, July 20, 2014

D. T. Loot

My Dollar Tree Weekly Loot unfortunately didn't come from M. P./Scottdale store. I've came to realize ours is really sub-par on grand D. T. experience. Anyway here's some of my great deals: 

Lady bug dust pan...hello certain to give chore of sweeping a smile! 
Scottie dog paw print containers. I'm
Going to head back for a few more this week. They are going to be perfect Christmas presents for teachers, bus drivers, etc. I'll add candy and vinyl sticker with their name. 
The lemon ammonia was $1.00. Even if not the greatest cleaner it was $1 for the gallon. 
2 piggy scrubbers. One for me. One to gift. I'm always going through these scrubbing paint off my hands and nails. 
Duck & shark small dust pan and sweeper brush. One to keep. One to gift. No clue how I'll pick which one of these cuties. 

No D. T. trip is complete without health and beauty lovelies! 
New brush. Somewhere in our house is missing socks and brushes. 
3/1 paint polish, pen to draw fine lines, and sparkles. They are scented too!! 
Maybelline fake nails. Cute for $1.00. 

As I follow Instagram pics of D. T. Loot, bloggers, And now YouTube posts my lists of desires and wants is growing! 
Have you found any deals at Dollar Tree or anywhere else? Share!! 

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