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Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekly Reflections

Well, I thought I'd add my weekly reflections to here for those who don't have a facebook (Although, why the whole world doesn't have a FB I'll never understand! Come on, it's 2012 and I'm nosey and wanna snoop into everyone. Perhaps everyone isn't as much of an open book as me!!) So without further addo--or is it adue or goes:

1. One of my biggest mail related pet peeves is the number of renewal notices you get from magazine subscriptions. I do not need a notice a month for 6 months prior to expirations. I always renew but not until the month before. Annoying!
2. My week has been Channing Tatum deprived.
3. My chitlins have no ability to flush the toilet. EVER!
4. This tooth fairy crap is getting old. She likes to sleep and never has change for a $20.
5. I'm sick of paying for day camp when my kids clearly do not want to go and I have no work.
6. The cover of Rolling Stones has Justin Beiber on it. Headline says..."he's hot, ready, and legal.". Um...waaaa? Gross! As if a month ago hottie cougars were all "Damn he's hot, but underage...but just wait until he's 18 and then we'll pounce!". Yuck, yuck, yuck.
7. My Aunt said there isn't an animal I don't like. And she's right, I do love them all!

It's a wrap on another week.... 'til next week! Now, your turn to share some things you've learned!


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