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Monday, February 24, 2014

What I learned 2/23/14


1. I'm wishing a Bigfoot would eat Bo-Bo. Especially when he wore this: 

2. 10 minutes waiting for my 2/$1 hot dogs I discover several things:
A) at $16.35 for 2 packs of cigarettes I couldn't afford to smoke 
B) I'm ordering 2/$1 hot dogs because I'm broke. If I had an access card I'd afford pop, chips, and a candy bar--hummmm?! 
3. One day of sunshine takes away a month of snow. 
4. Mud...I hate it unless I can have fun in it on a quad then shower. Other than that...hate it. 
5. I've convinced myself I'm
Pregnant but too cheap to buy a test. My boobs hurt, I'm super tired, I have heart burn, and my smells make me nauseous. I'll ignore the fact that it takes sex to get pregnant and I have an IUD. 

6. I postpone scrubbing floors then do it and sit in wonder of how nice they look (for about 10 whole minutes!) 
7. Will I ever be of an age when I don't need my parents to bail me out of crisis? 
8. If you are a girl and your legs look like this you have more issues than just using this magic product 

That's all for the week. Enjoy! 

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