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Sunday, February 2, 2014

What I learned 2/2/14


What I learned: 
1. It can not be February. I just put away some Christmas decorations. 
2. My girl child can sniff out hidden chocolate like a blood hound. 
3. It's crazy how much on one day I can hate a ground hog (stupid Phil) 
4. I never thought I'd utter the phrase "this Super Bowl is boring" yet it totally was. 
5. My chicken may hate winter as much as I do this year. They have pulled apart three bails of straw in their coop. Yes, three bails. It's like walking through the jungle in there. 
6. There has been too many school cancellations. And too much alcohol consumption in this home. They correlate. 

7. I'm all about saving money and buying cheaper versions, but nothing beats Tide. Totally worth the extra money. Mmmm..smells soo good. 
8. I need a girls day out ASAP. 
9. My yard looks like a Family Circus cartoon when it snows because of the dog making circles in the snow. 

10. How on earth did I get crafty inspiration prior to Pinterest. 
That's all for this week! Have a good one! 

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