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Sunday, February 10, 2013

2/10/13 weekly reflections


1. I had no idea what illuminati was before Sunday's Super Bowl.
2. I wish my electronic needs matched Rich's so he'd take things more seriously. (ie: I need a working printer)
3. Getting the kids off electronics is like telling someone to have surgery with no anesthetic.
4. The Walking Dead is terrible to watch with Rich, because he read the comics and gives play by play from them.
5. My son is an official boy scout. Where did my little tiger go?
6. It's all fun and games until at 10pm you realize you have to have ink for the printer.
7. I consider myself pretty knowledge and hip with music, then I watch the grammy's and just feel stupid and old!
8. Poor Adele, I almost bought that same material on her dress for curtains at Goodwill!!

That's all this week. Last week we all had colds, now the girl child is puking...let's hope it's something she ate!! And prayers and get well wishes to my Aunt Debbie!

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