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Friday, February 1, 2013

Fess-up Fridays!!

Fess-up Friday!!


Today's fess up is:

Get ready....

Here it is......

Drum roll please....

Ok, so here it is: I love my kiddos, but sometimes they are major assholes. This week especially. The winter makes it worse that they are in the house more. Constant bickering. Constant agreements over electronics. I teach parenting but sometimes all that wonderful "super nanny" info is right out the window. I yell. I scream. My arm swings backwards hoping to connect in the car at times.
Love my kiddos but they totally drive me nuts sometimes (read: most times).

So now your turn. You have a fess up?
Your kids make you wanna forget to get them off the school bus sometimes?
What's a parenting highlight you have?

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