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Friday, February 15, 2013

Fess up Friday's: walk of shame!

Today I did a walk of shame that was worse than coming in after an "all nighter" as a teen......

Let me paint a vivid pic......

Slept in (momma needs her beauty sleep--but apparently that may have taken a few more hours to possibly achieve)

Rushed kids out the door.

Kids dressed appropriately. Momma, not so much.

Momma: pj pants (highly fashionable animal print, I might add....which should have totally been my version of sexy for Valentine's Day if I didn't pass out after working until 9pm.... So sorry Rich) ( can read between the lines on that little bonus fess-up)



No bra, no undies.

No hair or teeth brushed.

Now, it may have been all good......until..........

......continued dramatic pause............

.....the girl child was way too late to throw her in the school door one walk of shame into the school, head down, praying I had very little human interaction and didn't scar the children for life.

I'm off to shower and appropriately enter the world. There's my fess-up. Can you top that this morning?!

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