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Sunday, September 22, 2013

What I learned 9/22/13


1.  I really like 'Ellen', but she's looking more and more manly. 
2. It's impossible to do as much daily as I did when younger. This sucks. 
3. It's amazing how often I wait until the last minute to complete tasks. 

4. 'Spot the Northhampton Clown' you are a creepy bastard. If you show up on my road (doubtful because it's in England) you will be shot. Beep! Beep! On that! 

5. I may need to have my new couch returned. It's defective. Every time I sit down on it it sucks me in and I fall asleep. 
6. I wish I liked coffee, so I could relate to more cutie FB posts! 
7. Tis the season of sweatpants and hoodies! 
8. Miley has crotchery issues. She may want to consider wearing clothes over her undergarments. 

Happy Autumn Peeps! Enjoy your week! What can you reflect on? 

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