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Sunday, September 1, 2013

What I've learned 9/1/13


1. What exciting thing does this momma do on the 1st day of school? Nap. 
2 Miley, oh Miley...what have you done with sweet Hannah Montana?
3. Maxi dresses are great when I'm too lazy to shave. 
4. Best statement of the week when talking to Aiden about being more organized, "Mom, I'm trying, I really am. I'll never be Jan Keefer organized, but I'm trying" (Jan is my mom!) 
5. I forgot how great the Ligonier market is. I also forgot how easily money is spent there. 
6. The majority of the time I watch I movie preview and can't remember if I watched the whole movie or not. 
(Side note: on more than one occasion I rented a movie I've already watched) 

That's all for this weeks random learning! Enjoy Labor Day! 
Sums up my thoughts on Miley Cyrus 

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