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Sunday, September 8, 2013

What I learned 9/8/13


1. Sometimes my day is so long, it's easier just to say I'm sick and go to bed at 6:30pm. 
2.  Want your children to turn to instant assholes: put them in a car. 
3. Tis' the season of itchiness. 
4. Holy Mosquitos this weekend at our house. If I die this week, have me tested for west Nile. 
5. On top of Mosquitos outside, my dog (who faithfully gets vet purchased flea treatments) had fleas. Only a few were found,  yet the poor dog has her skin ripped up raw. So sad. I feel terrible. Needless to say the poor dog has gotten bathed and I've looked up every homeopathic treatment on top of her regular treatment. 
6. On another note, my dog does not have the mange, however due to the haircut I have her it looks like it. (Note to self--you have no idea how to use hair clippers).  
7. I'm seriously pondering getting a floating boat to float on my pool. I love hoodie, sweatpants weather but, I'm not ready to give up floating yet. A boat seems to be the perfect relaxing, dry solution! (Don't laugh if you come here and I'm set in my boat with a blanket, book, and my iPhone!) 
8. 'F' you Steelers, F-you! 
9. Stupid paperwork can ruin a weekend. 
10. Taking electronics away from boy child makes him find other things to do..he read a book, played in woods, practiced trumpet. I'm going to do it more often! 

That's all for the week--enjoy the hot September weather we will have this week! Come swim at my house! 

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