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Sunday, December 16, 2012

12/16/12 weekly reflections


1. On the show moonshiners is Tickle ever sober. I just tune in each week to see if he's dead.
2. My bank account is sure hoping there's no Dec. 22nd!
3. Ok I'm a lover of reality shows. But, Amish Mafia. Please!
4. If you are a grown ass man and have a Justin Beiber tattoo, that should be the first indication of a problem. It shouldn't take a plot to kidnap and kill him to be criminal. The tattoo is a crime itself!
5. Watching meteor showers takes a back seat to my need for heat & warmth. I lasted 5 minutes, it's better than nothing.
6. Westboro bapitist church. Really....really??
7. I'm so mean when the house is a mess. I really try to be patient and nice but crazy is much more effective to get others to help.
8. The tragedy in CT just leaves more questions, less answers. Less happiness, more sadness. But alas, the world will go on. I always try to find the small bit of good that comes out of terrible tragedies. With so many posts this weekend about loving and hugging the children in our lives, I think that may be the small sparkle of a shining star in the rather dim, dark world we live in.... So with that my friends... Until next week remember to enjoy the time you have with those around you today for tomorrow isn't certain... With love, Carla

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