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Sunday, December 30, 2012

12/30/12 Weekly Reflections


1. Taylor Swift really annoys me. (I live in a 7 yr old girls life, give me a break!)
2. Rich refuses to give me the remote to control the tv. His reason, and I quote, "I'm not watching that baby making shit you watch."
3. I've been digging through my tea batch and quite enjoying all the flavors I bought and never drank.
4. It's so nice to Un-Christmas. Makes the house feel bigger and cleaner.
5. Where in the world is my life going? It can not be 2013 yet.
6. Pondering resolutions....hmmmm!
7. Christmas with kids is so special. Nothing is better than seeing them happy.
8. I am so thankful for a large extended family that all gets along and is able to enjoy each others company.

That's all for this week. Share some reflections you have.

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