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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekly reflections 12/2/12


1. Love that it's the time of year I can blame my laziness on holiday season depression.
2. If you decorate your vehicle up like Rudolph we can't be friends anymore, because it's just weird.
3. Arona Road confuses me.
4. I'm addicted to I wish I could say its because of my kids but I totally watch it even when they are in school.
5. I never sit still long enough for my nails to properly dry. Then my mess up and it messes with my need for perfection. It's a loss/loss.
6. Two years in a row my kids would not sit on Santa's lap or even go near him at breakfast with Santa at the school. I think my stranger danger talks are working!
7. I'm sick of the Walmart/Giant Eagle ad comparisons commercials and newspaper prints.
8. The Walking Dead has a mid-season finale. Mid season? Weird.
9. My dad hunts because my brother wants to. Yet for the last many years, Dad gets a deer and Jason does not!

That's all for this week. My children are still alive and we got photos out of the way. It's a good week! Share some reflections you have!

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