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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dec. 11 question of the day:Lights?!

Today's Christmas question of the day has to do with outdoor Christmas lights and decorations? Do you put them up? If so what color? Mult-colored? White? Do you take pointers from the Griswold family?

In years past we have had blue and white LED lights. Why, blue and white?? I have no idea. All I can think is the kids must have been driving me crazy in the store and I picked whatever! I hated them. Hated!! I thought it made our house look like we were Jewish, minus a menorah in the front yard. And the LED blinded me. This year the plan was to get new lights. I wanted the old fashioned soft white lights. But the wallet said differently so I used old lights we had. Currently it is colored lights. I like them. Gives the house a simple, country look. No blow up items in my front yard, I really dislike them! I have candles in my windows, but they are generally there year round. If you are driving by my house to see them, stop in. I'll give you some cocoa or better yet I'll jump in the car with you and ride around to look at the lights. It's one of my favorite things to do this time of the year!

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