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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12/18/12 Xmas Question: Children's concerts

Well, tonight was the 5th and 6th grade Chorus and Band concert for the boy child. It brought a tear to my eye watching those innocent kids up on stage singing and playing their hearts out. Just seems like yesterday that was me on that stage. I am so blessed to have musical child. Aiden plays the trumpet! Hopefully he will follow in my footsteps and continue on. I can't tell you the fun I had as a 'band geek!' I loved it!
So the question today is....Have you attended a children's Christmas concert of any sort this holiday?
Waiting to get get it.....yes the boy child's lips are super chapped. I have no idea what he does to cause this!
It only took him 3 tries to actually find the band room. He also told me moments before we were leaving he should wear a white shirt---what???
Momma didn't buy a white shirt! So that's why it's a little too big on him and more causal then I would worked!
The girl can dress her up....but she will still be miserable waiting!

Pappy and Aiden....Pap thought he was done with these types of concerts when I graduated!

5th and 6th grade chorus.


5th grade band....Can't see Aiden though...grrr!

See that flute and that brown haired boy...look in the middle of them and there's Aiden's head!

These are videos...hit the triangle to hear!

So proud of my Aid!
Nothing's better than brand new 5th grade musicians pounding out notes together to make a song! Adorable!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's super special post....what not to buy my children EVER!!!!
Enjoy your last week before Christmas!
.......Carla @ Mommy in the 'Dale

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