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Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2--question of the day?

Christmas Cookies??
Do you make them or not?
I have saw so many Facebook posts of people making cookies this weekend. I believe one post from my cousin said she made 58 dozen!! WOW!!
All these look so very yummy but...............
then I eat them.......

And, yeah.......I don't need to eat them!
My ass likes to store those cookies.....cookie ass is not attractive.

This is more my cookie baking:

So I have made cookies in the past but, the only ones I will make this year is for a cookie exchange with friends. That's just for a night out and good company. I will have a few and then hope to get those suckers out of the house asap! But, I'll pertake in some cookies at your house, but if you see me hanging around that plate of them too long then please remove me and place me in front of the alcohol!

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