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Sunday, December 9, 2012

12/9/12 weekly reflections.


1. I have no idea how Lindsey Stirling ended up on my pandora Eminem station. But I love her. She's one bad-ass violinist. See
2. I have no problem watching hockey. I really even miss it. But the Classic hockey that Rich watches just doesn't cut it.
3. You should not be able to sleep with your window open in December.
4. Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2 really loves Ke$ha. And apparently now, her boyfriend/now husband, who's she's known a whole 2 months.
5. There's nail polish. And then there's OPI nail polish. Totally worth the extra money.

That's all for this week. It's such a busy time of the year, I forget to take time to reflect. I'll do better this week! What are some reflections you have?

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