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Sunday, May 18, 2014

What I learned 5/18/14

5/18/14. What I learned 

1. Apparently I missed a memo that arm hair is uncool and needs shaved or waxed off. 
2. Lourde. That singing girl has no dance ability. 
3. Chick sitting is fun because I get all the cuteness then ship them off when the 'chick shitting' takes over! 
4. Next time I buy landscaping plants, they won't be the prick-your finger shrub types. 
5. Next weekend is Memorial Day. What?? Yesterday was Christmas! 
6. Didn't Miley Cyrus ever hear that if she makes faces like that, her face might stay that way?! 
7. You might want to be super nice to Beyonce's sister, especially if you are planning to be in an elevator with her later in the evening. 
8. The 4am birds can kiss my ass. 
9.  I might be indifferent to assholes...I thought I might be shot this week and simply took the baby and moved away from the windows without even getting scared. 

That's all for this week...what have you learned? 

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