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Sunday, January 24, 2016

What I learned. 1/24/16

What I learned. 1/24/16

1. Single life: Once you sleep alone, no one tells you at 3am to stop reading, shut off the light, and go to bed. 
2. I need to get into the habit of doing these again. I completely forgot last week. 
3. Super gluing hand cuts works miracles. It's so nice to not be all wrapped up in sticky tape. Thanks to friends for suggestion. 
4. I like the idea of snow storms more than actual snow storms. I've never felt so very trapped before. Thanks Geoff for plowing me out. 
5. I'm turning 40 next month and went into crazy lady skin care. I could de-wrinkle Scottdale with all the creams I have. 
6. I realized single parenthood means you're the bad guy all the time. I have no one to balance the good guy/bad guy role with. 
7. When you get frustrated in Target with your whiney kids and you yell at them to 'shut the F' up', they tattle on you to your parents. I'm going to be 40 yet I fear my own parents might ground me!!  
8. If anyone finds themselves impregnated next month after the snowstorm my porch is still available. 
9. Having chicks in the winter turns to full blown, smelly chickens in my house that can't be acclimated to zero degree outdoor weather. 
10. I forgot how much I miss the mail when the mail doesn't come. I've never known the mail to not deliver. Isn't that part of their motto? 

---till next week. Hope you thaw and melt! 

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