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Sunday, March 30, 2014

What I learned 3/30/14


1. Every. Single. Morning. I walk into the bathroom after my boy child showers and get my clean socks wet. Every. Single. Morning. 

2. I can always gauge how hectic our week was by the number of pizza boxes at for the garbage Friday. 
3. The girl child dislikes pizza. Said we eat it too much...imagine that. 
4. My kids didn't get the flu this winter, but both have a serious case of 'annoying'. Is there a cure for this? 
5. I have two chickens I call Thelma and Louise. These chicks always are up to no good and are escape artists. 

6. Winter is a real bitch. She needs to die with hot temps and sunshine. 
7. My attic is a crazy mess. I really need to deal with it. I really don't want to. 
8. Taco Bell seems like a terrible start to the day. 

That's all I learned this week...what have you discovered? Enjoy your week!! 

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