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Saturday, August 4, 2012

'Dale Sale Loot!

'Dale Sale Loot
On Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012 Scottdale community had their annual yard sales.
This year was a hot one, but no rain was in sight. So I set off early to find some deals.
Here's what I came home with.

Nike bookbag for girl child. $1.00
Lands end brand new bookbag for .50 (yes .50!!)
New boy lunch box for $1.00
It's always good to have a backup for each child because somehow bookbags break/tear and lunch boxes get forgotten at school.

Material.  Loved the chevron & not sure where it will be upcycled but fabric deals are hard to find. The owner of the fabric lives in a huge house where she sews. We spoke briefly and I am hopeful she will get a etsy store soon so I can share a link from my blog. Good artistic people are usually so quiet about their craft and I'm certain there are lots of fine people from the dale that need to be highlighted.

I'm a sucker for books! Some are great read on parenting, which will be helpful for my social work career.

Girl child slept in this morning and called me around 11am to come and pick her up. She was on a mission to find a baby doll. She got 2, a carrier, a highchair which slides on the table and a stuffed bear which she promptly named, Snowball. All this for $1.50!

Hello----a new thirty one bag for $5.00!!! Score! This will be perfect for the beach in a few weeks. I wanted to order one of these and wouldn't pay the cost! The owner said the bag was too big for her needs and she joked that you could fit a dead body in it! I'm hopeful it will hold all the towels and sand toys!

Pause to adore sweet dog, who is saddened that she didn't get a bone from the yard sales!

3 pillows $1.00 each, button frame $1.00, star $1.00, 2 pillow covers for $1.00
Cake cover for .25 (not sure if I bought it to actually be a cake cover or for the awesome glass knob!)

Mirrors 2/$1.00, jar with wicker cover .50, file folder $1.00, battery ordered candle with wooden stand with pips and berries $1.00, tin holder .25, hair clips .10, crocheted Xmas bulb .10, wooden match holder .25

2 crocheted pumpkins---so cute .50

wooden basket with birds .50

Household items
cups .10 a piece, funnel .10 and wooden stationary caddy will get a white paint make over to look shabby chic $1.00

Girly fun!!
candles-small .25 each, large $1.00
B&B all new some .25-1.00

Only bought 1 purse and 1 pair of shoes!!
$1.00 each

snowman plates and napkins .25 each--perfect for school parties

heavy twine---I have immediate plans for this! .25

.50 each--kiddos fun stuff!

clothes for girl child. .50 for a gymboree bathing suit--deal!
Shoes $2.00 each

new game--Ned's head $1.00--neighborhood amusement!

Sadly the furniture loot wasn't great.
Bookshelf on 4 little legs which will prompty be removed! $5.00
Little table $5.00---I'm thinking the twine will go on this and it will get a beachy upgrade!

This pic better highlights the variety of colors in the rug.

This is an interesting find! It is a rug made from old plastic grocery bags.  I love this upcycle/recycle. It was $5.00 and there was a selection of colors and designs. I left my name and number with the sellers in hope that the crafter will contact me so I can do a whole post on these. I think they are super cool. I'm debating using it on my dining room table as a mat or as an actual rug. Either way, this was my favorite find of the day!
Last stop of the day was to Brilhart hardware for the free quart of paint and the sample pods I love were reduced to $1.50 (from $3.99 each). I used my $5.00 coupon and paid around $2.50 for all of this!!  I wish the colors would have came out more true to life because the orange (named juicy orange) is perfect! Can't wait to find a perfect piece to use it on.

So there's my loot! Did you go yard saling today? What were your great finds? Share with me! Now, I'm tempted to take a nap and relax for a while, afterall it was hot and there was lots of walking----justifies a nap, right?

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