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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekly Reflections. 8/5/12


1. Scottdale community yard sales are as much about community as they are sales. This makes me very happy to live here.
2. A stranger at a yard sale recognized me by my blog and then said it was like meeting a celebrity. How cool is that??
3. When will macrame make a come back? Come on Aunt Debbie and Aunt Donna, revive this lost art!
4. Still no stinkin eggs! Maybe I got dud chickens.
5. Remember colored toilet paper! Ha, stylish T. P.!
6. And glamour shots... I still laugh when I see people with this as their FB profile pic!! People should not rock leather and feather boas in profile pics, geez!
7. Not being invited to family gatherings and picnics is just plain mean. And then it causes friction between Rich and I.
8. PMS sucks at any age. I could just punch someone and then cry.

That's all this week. Share some reflections you have!

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