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Thursday, March 21, 2013

37 reasons to like being 37!

37 reasons I am happy I am

1. One great, supportive husband.
2. Two healthy, smart kids.
3. God, that watches over me and points me in the direction I need to go and shows me a sign when I most need it.
4. My parents.
5. My brother and his family.
6. Rich's parent's and siblings and their families.
7. My 2 dogs.
8. My 2 cats.
9. My 6 chickens.
10. Our home
11. Neighbors that double as friends.
12. Great friends that I could call at any time of day and they'd be there.
13. A large family that is close and always just a phone call away.
14. The knowledge of a strong family history.
15. Pictures! Old and new.
16. My job, which pays my bills and is flexible enough to let me be a mom first and foremost.
17. Southwestern PA and her beauty of 4 distinct seasons.
18. Southmoreland school district and it's educators that taught me and now my children.
19. Our busy lives. Our kids involvement in activities which keep them and us happy.
20. Bunco! Love that I found new friends!
21. Crafty genes that were passed down to me.
22. Girl Scouts, which was with me as a child and now allows me to have my child in it. It also has given me new friends and great kiddos to lead.
23. A liberal, open minded way of thinking.
24. A great, supportive boss and colleagues.
25. Painting: which keeps me sane.
26. Prozac: which also keeps me sane!
27. Birth control options, which keeps me from going all 'Michelle Duggar'.
28. A blog. I suck at scrapbooking so this is the next best thing.
29. A vehicle that holds all our crap. The swagger wagon rocks.
30. My iPhone. How else would I survive 4 hr supervised visits?!
31. Facebook. Helped me connect to old friends and out of town family. Cuz' lets face it. I have no time to talk or mail letters!
32. College: for the education and extra curricular fun I experienced.
33. The invention of texting: easier to avoid those phone calls I hate!
34. The materialistic inventions that help a gal out!! (hello spanx and microwaves!!)
35. The abilities to let go of all those materialistic goodies and get back to basics (ie: camping and gardening).
36. Make up and hair products. It takes a lot to whip this look together. You beg to differ: come over Saturday mornings.
37. A 37th year to live, breathe, and be alive.

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