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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekly reflections 10/13/13


1. I. Need. A. Baby. Someone needs to make this happen because Rich won't participate to make it happen. I need not birth a child. A porch baby would be fine. (A girl baby would be nice because I could dress her in Vera Bradley's baby line. A boy baby is ok too.) 

2. I think all the morning shows like "Good Morning America" "Today" show, etc are boring and annoying on purpose to make you get up and do something rather than lounge on the couch. 
3. I have a two-time-dog-roll-in-shit limit before I totally get pissed at the dog. 
4. I was too lazy to drag out my fall/Halloween decorations from the attic, so I just bought new. 
5. Apparently the grass is greener (or tastes better) on the other side of the fence to my chickens...this answers the age ol' question of why the chicken crossed the road. 
6. Few want to step up to be the leader, but most are quick to criticize the leader. 
7. There is lice (and that's bad enough) and now "super lice"? Good grief. Below is a pic of kids bookbags and jackets thrown on the floor at library at school. All I could think was "super lice, super lice, super lice!" 
That's all for this week! What can you reflect on? 

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  1. Love your posts, they make me giggle! Julie sweet