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Sunday, April 27, 2014

What I learned 4/27/14

What I learned! 4/27/14 

1. What worst part of taking a hot bath is leaning bare back on the ice cold tub. 
2. There is such a thing as a chocolate hangover. 
3. I'm in a constant state of 'I want cake' then I eat said cake and I'm like 'why did I eat that cake?' 
4. My kids have a whistling obsession. 
5. Not going to lie..the Franklin Regional knifer wrote a note that used the word 'plebeian' and I had to google the meaning. You know you don't know what that means either. Here: 
n.  1. One of the common people of ancient Rome.
2. A member of the lower classes.
3. A vulgar or coarse person.
6. My second.. Not going to lie... I was one of the frantic parents at SMS this week wanting their son out of school with sweat pants, sweat shirt and no underwears on. Ugh. 
7. I wouldn't be such a bitch at home if I didn't live with assholes. 

Until next week...enjoy! 

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