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Sunday, November 3, 2013

What I learned? 11/3/13


1. Robin Thicke ruined black and white strips forever. 

2. Halloween creates a weird day when I can't figure out if someone is dressed up or not. 
3. The Scottdale Halloween parade is too dark to watch 11 kids. 
4. When you try to smuggle three cocaine filled pumpkins through the airport, trick or treating just got real! 

5. 'The Goldberg's'....hilarious throw back to my life! 
6. Lady GaGa just one up'ed Miley! 

7. So stupid, but I was having a crappy morning and this made it better!! 

8. I love the one nail different look but I'm too OCD to do it! 
9. Apparently many don't know about molting chickens! I feel like I taught people all about quill feathers. 

That's all for this week...tune in next week. Learn something new? Share! 

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