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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekly reflections 10/28/12


1. I skipped last week because I just didn't learn anything.
2 Since my vehicle has hands free talking people probably think I'm even more crazy when you see me talking to myself and making hand motions at a stop light.
3. I have no understanding of regular or wide screen and I never know what to choose.
4. I picked 3 movies with Jennifer Garner in them this weekend. Weird.
5. This week starts November....wha???
6. This election scares me. I wish we could elect a genie to wiggle her nose to fix things.
7. My kids have more candy than crack in a crack house.
8. Too much candy makes my kids act like they are on crack.
9. Since when has October became a month of Halloween festivities.
10. Costumes for 5th grade boys is a bust.
11. I witnessed a coyote in Kingview. Someone please remove it. My chickens and my cat depend on it.

That's all for this week. Share some of your reflections!

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