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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekly Reflections 10/7/12


1. My feet are loving that it's sock weather.
2. Socks are never matched up in this house.
3. 4 court hearing in one week is way too many. Now I know why I'm not an attorney (Patricia--I don't know how you do it!!)
4. If I could take my kids to my veterinarian I would. I love Dr. Markle.
5. I'm going to start calling stink bugs my new pets. There are so many that I better befriend them before they attack me.
6. My kids have way too much crap. They are getting electronics for Christmas because they take up the least space and are expense, thus limiting all the small crapola that takes up too much room.
7. I'm really hoping Rich is number 800 at the habitat resell shop! thanks to my friends and family that liked the page. I'll let you know if we won!

That's all for this week. Share something!

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